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Historical Building Restoration

Miranda, Hardt and O’Leary Contracting LLC is proud to play a part in preserving our local heritage. Part of our commitment is to give local treasures new life in the communities we call home.

Renovation and restoration of historical buildings is an intricate and challenging process. These projects demand a construction team with exceptional skill, patience and attention to detail. One that has experience in applying for special permits, adhering to strict guidelines and working with various state offices for grant funding. We have been honored to be chosen as the preferred Preservation Contractor for The Brick Hotel, The Dinker House and The Ocean View Historical Society Project.

Miranda, Hardt and O’Leary, contractors restoring history for the foundation of our future.

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Our Successful Historical Projects

The Brick Hotel

This historic hotel was built in 1836, directly on The Circle in Georgetown, Delaware. The original 2 ½ story brick structure was later enhanced with a one-story wing.  Sadly in 1955, the exterior was altered to accommodate the conversion from a hotel to its use as a bank building. To the community, it felt like a piece of history just vanished.  But in 2008, this historic building was back to it’s original use, The Brick Hotel. Miranda, Hardt & O’Leary was proud to be the contractor of choice to bring “The Brick” back to life.  Not only was this one of the most gratifying projects we ever completed, but it was also one of the most fun. Unbeknownst to us, we were on a real-life treasure hunt, finding old letters and artifacts that had been hidden for centuries and are now on display at the hotel.

For more information about The Brick Hotel visit www.thebrickhotel.com

The Museum at Dinker-Irvin Cottage

This cottage is one of the oldest homes in Bethany Beach and once served as a United States Post Office. It was donated to the town in 2016 and was listed on the United States Registry of Historic Places in 2018.  The town’s plan was to create the Bethany Beach Museum at Dinker-Irvin Cottage. Miranda, Hardt and O’Leary Contracting was honored to be awarded the contract to help turn the town’s vision into a reality. Visitors in the area will be able to experience the beauty of an early 1900s home and get a glimpse of what life was like in the Town of Bethany Beach in the early days. 

For more information about Dinker-Irvin Cottage visit www.townofbethanybeach.com

Ocean View Historical Society

This organization seeks to preserve and share the rich history of Ocean View and the towns surrounding it.  Their vision came true when they build an Historical Complex on Central Avenue in Ocean View which consists of the Tunnell-West House, the 1889 Post Office, replica of Cecile Steele’s chicken house and the Coastal Towns Museum.  In 2018, Miranda, Hardt & O’Leary was awarded the contract to construct a replica of the original Hall’s Store, a Visitor’s Center with an old-fashioned store in the front and meeting/event space in the back. Hall’s Store (as Ocean View was first named), was designed and built to make you feel like you were in the 1800s but with the functionality of modern times. Hitching posts by the front porch and a custom-made barn door are only a few of the intricate details you will find throughout the Hall’s Store.   

For more information about the Ocean View Historical Complex visit www.oceanviewhistoricalsociety.org

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